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Five Million Google+ Users In US, Researcher Estimates

Technology experts are trying to gather information on how many users Google’s new service has fetched within the first days of its launch in beta version.

Paul Allen of on Saturday announced that he is trying to ascertain how many people are currently using Google’s latest offering Google+, tech website PC World reports.

Allen reveals that there are around 4.7 million people (posted on Sunday) in the United States that are using Google’s latest social networking platform Google+. He also adds that the number has grown more than three times within a week since his last calculation. He had estimated nearly 1.7 million were people on Google+ earlier this week.

Allen has stated that he is facing some problems in calculating the number of Google+ users outside of America, however, he says he is confident that his work will offer an accurate worldwide estimate.

"... I haven't seen a better methodology from anyone else yet about estimating Google+ growth, so I'll continue to work on this one," Paul Allen said, while maintaining that he would come up with a more precise estimation by Monday next week..

Eric Schmidt, Google’s chairman has also claimed that there are millions of people using the beta version of its social networking website.