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Four Ways For Apple To Regain Its Lustre

Although Apple is undoubtedly one of the most popular and successful companies in the world, but some have started to somehow doubt the company's ability to maintain its high position, particularly with fears about CEO Steve Jobs' rickety health.

Moreover, Apple did not announce anything about the iPhone 5 during the last WWDC conference, which has also made some people believe Apple has taken its eye off the ball.

With the rise of Android, having now cornered cornered 38% of the smartphone market, the Cupertino giant really needs to do something with the iPhone 5 to regain its swagger, Jon Friedman of Market Watch (opens in new tab)advises.

First of all, Apple should give up that elitist attitude in its commercials. "If you don't have an iPhone - you don't have an iPhone." They present the iPhone as a status symbol and thus somehow discriminate against other categories of person.

Secondly, Apple should make typing easier on its smartphone and offer better camera capabilities. Let us just hope that the 8MP camera rumour for the upcoming iPhone 5 will become reality.

Thirdly, file download and moving data is a bit slow and the company should work on improving the speed of the process.

Fourthly, battery life time has never been a strong point for the iPhone. Apple should find a way to extend it without affecting the user-experience in a negative way.

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