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Google updates Docs for mobiles

Internet search engine giant Google had brought out a new release of Google Docs, aimed at mobile devices that bring with it better organisational methods and sharing features.

Google Docs for mobile phones and tablets have had the ability to write and collaborate on documents for some time, where now it’s possible to sort, narrow and share multiple documents from inside of the browser.

The ‘narrow’ option can now sort all the documents by the likes of name, last modified or last opened – which has been greatly welcomed by regular users.

There is also an element taken from the desktop version, where it is possible to distribute docs, by selecting one or more of them to obtain the link to the public or unlisted docs with an option to even email the attachment.

The update can be found by just entering from inside of a supported mobile device web browser, which are found on Android ‘Froyo’ 2.2 and above, or the iPhone and iPad on iOS 3.0+

– in over 40 different languages. Google has stated they’re committed to improving the experience of accessing documents on a mobile device, where they would like to hear what is working and what isn’t in their support forums that are found here (opens in new tab).

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Rob Kerr
Rob Kerr

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