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Guardian and Observer launch Kindle editions

The Guardian's Digital First strategy gets another new product today with the release of Kindle editions of the daily newspaper as well as its Sunday sibling The Observer.

In an effort to prove that its futuristic intentions aren't all about scrapping print publications, like the recently deceased foreign editions, Guardian News Media trumpeted the release of its flagship titles on Amazon's popular e-book reader device today.

The Kindle editions are available for wireless download seven days a week in the UK, USA and more than 100 other countries and carry the full content of the made-from-trees versions, including all the supplements.

Subscriptions come in at a penny under a tenner a month and if you sign up now you'll get a 14-day free trial which can be cancelled at any time before the two week freebie is over.

It's available now from Amazon but by placing an order you'll be agreeing to let Amazon to share your name, billing address and ordering information with GNM as well as a number of other organisations including the Audit Bureau of Circulation (ABC) and the BPA Worldwide.

Although the Kindle editions purport to offer the full content of the print editions, there is one small caveat: Amazon's device is great at rendering text which can be read in even the brightest sunlight, but it's a bit of a dummy when it comes to images, and picture data takes up a lot of space so there'll be substantially less pretty pictures to look at. Even so, Amazon reckons the Guardian's Kindle editions will contain more photographs than other national newspapers' Kindle versions.

You could, of course, just wait a few months for the iPad and Android editions to show up which are bound to make full use of the newspapers' excellent photography.

GNM's Subhajit Banerjee says: "We've been working on iPad over the past few months and we're currently testing it with some of our readers. Our objective has been to produce the most accessible, elegant interpretation of the Guardian newspaper for iPad and we hope we're close to achieving that aim.

"Rather than simply replicate the newspaper design for iPad, this project has provided an opportunity for us to redesign the newspaper exclusively in tablet form. The app will deliver a single daily edition of content, specifically curated for iPad. Like Kindle, it will be a subscription product, though we will be releasing it with a free trial period from launch."

For those of you with a penchant for Google's open source OS: "Our first official Android app is set for an autumn launch, and will host an array of features and content and will be truly Android-native," Banerjee added.

Banerjee also said that his team were working on "a brand new product for the HP TouchPad, called Guardian Zeitgeist," and promised to release more details closer to launch. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.