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HTC Planning Launch of Unlocked Bootloaders in August

Taiwan based Smartphone maker HTC has announced that it is going to release the unlocked versions of the Android Smartphone bootloader sometimes during the coming month.

According to the company, the dual core HTC Sensation will be the first phone amongst a handful of many others to be receiving the update, and if everything goes according to the plane, the updates are likely to be released in the month of August itself.

Unlocking a phone may not sound too attractive for layman users, but it certainly does wonders for advanced users who like to tweak their phones to give them a personalised look and feel, which is otherwise, not possible with the factory settings.

"We're in the testing phase for the unlocking capability now, and we expect it to be fully operational by early September for devices that have received the software updates," HTC stated in a Facebook post.

"We'll continue rolling out the unlocking capability over time to other devices as part of maintenance releases and new shipments," it added.

The company had announced earlier in May this year about its plans to stop locking its bootloader code.