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iPad To Rule Tablet Market Throughout 2012, Analysts Say

A new analyst report sees Apple's tablet maintaining its domination throughout 2012. One of the main factors that makes the iPad 2 so hard to topple is its price tag, Canaccord Genuity’s analyst T Michael Walkley believes.

Apple’s iPad will have a market share of 56% in 2011, Samsung 12%, Asus 5%, while LG, Motorola and RIM take only 3% of the market share each and HTC just 2%, Eweek reports citing the Canaccord Genuity note. Amazon is projected to have obtained 5% by the end of the year, even though its tablets are yet to hit the stores.

In 2012 these percentages will not vary a great deal, with Apple set to lose maybe 5%, according to the analysts' predictions. As for Windows tablets, the report says they could sell well in 2012, particularly to the enterprise channel.

Walkley blames the current price points of Motorola’s Xoom and RIM’s PlayBook for the tablets’ lack of success. The iPad 2’s competitors should sell their tablets ”at break-even or worse” in order to increase their market shares, Walkley suggests.

More and more companies are manufacturing or planning to produce tablets, which means that there will be a great demand for components. The supply chain may even be unable to deal with the pressure since their manufacturing capacity is limited.

As a matter of fact, TPK, one of the biggest touch module providers for Apple’s iPad, has had to turn down touch panel requests from Amazon “on concerns of capacity”, Digitimes recently reported. Winek has also taken orders from Apple and the supplier could find it difficult to “accommodate orders from Amazon” as well.

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