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iPhone 5 with 3D cameras rumour debunked

Blurry-cam snaps of what purports to be an iPhone 5 sporting dual rear-facing cameras have tipped up on a Chinese web site.

The pics posted on 175 Wan (opens in new tab) and unearthed by Slashgear (opens in new tab)were apparently taken 'by accident' by someone from Shenzen in China and have pretty much been called out as fakes by the Slashgear article.

Just for giggles, we thought we'd show you just how easy these things are to fake with a bit of Photoshop jiggery pokery.

Here's the original Chinese pic complete with the web site's watermarks.

And now for the fakery...

We snapped our own original pic using a cheap consumer camera to get it nice and wobbly.

Using a marquee tool, we selected the area containing the camera lens and pasted it back into new layers, then did the same for the flash units.

We decided that the flash units would work better side by side, so repositioned them accordingly. Then we selected each element in each layer and adjusted their scale slightly to give the impression of foreshortening caused by the camera angle.

To make it easier to work on the text layer, we rotated the canvas to put the graphics the right way up, and used the proper Apple Myriad Pro font unlike the Chinese fake which had some crazy random number 5 plonked in. We sampled the colour from the text in the 'iPhone' lettering and used the adjust layers tool to distort the '5' slightly, again to fake the perspective.

A quick fiddle using the burn and dodge tools made the copied and pasted elements look different enough from their counterparts to pass all but the sharpest of eyes

We also adjusted the levels of the entire pic just to make it look prettier.

And there you have it. One fake iPhone 5 complete with dual 3D cameras. It took about 25 minutes in all and we're sure you'll agree it's far more convincing than the Chinese knock-off.

Of course, it wouldn't get through a close forensic examination (unless we spent a few more minutes removing the metadata and being a bit more precise about the whole thing) but it's close enough.

Just goes to show you can't believe your eyes nowadays. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.