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iPhone 5 Could Exceed iPhone 4 Sales By Five Times

The iPhone 5 will set new records in terms of sales and could even outsell its predecessor five fold, taking into account a number of factors. Apple is reportedly preparing 15 million iPhone 5 units for the first day of launch and the chances are this huge volume may not be enough to satisfy demand.

There are various elements that guarantee the iPhone 5 will be a runaway success and smash previous sales figures, Beatweek (opens in new tab) suggests.

#1 There is precedent. The iPhone 4 exceeded iPhone 3GS sales by two times, which means that the iPhone 5 would outsell the iPhone 4 by at least two times without even considering the additional factors mentioned below.

#2 Verizon is on board. At the time the iPhone 4 was launched, only one carrier was allowed to offer the smartphone, namely AT&T. With at least two US carriers (maybe T-Mobile and Sprint will join too) Apple has widened its customer base. Moreover, many Verizon clients have already stated they will wait for the iPhone 5.

#3 Android and BlackBerry users are disappointed. Actually many are even considering switching to another platform and the iOS appears to be the perfect choice since the new iOS 5 has boosted the features available on the platform.

#4 Publicity. Mass-media has been focusing on the iPhone 5 in recent months and this has made even hardcore Android fans consider buying an iPhone.

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