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LinkedIn Gaining Popularity in The US Reveals Study

Professionals and job seeker’s platform LinkedIn has surpassed MySpace to become second most favourite social platform in the United States.

According to report released by digital measurement company comScore Inc. LinkedIn has bagged the second spot in social networking platform’s race in the US in the month of June, informs Bloomberg.

The data report by Reston, Virginia-based comScore Inc. reveals that LinkedIn had 63 percent more visitors in the month of June, that is, 33.9 million, whereas MySpace experienced 33.5 million visitors, that is, nearly 50 percent less in the same month.

“It has posted two straight months of gains, according to ComScore. To keep expanding its user base, LinkedIn is adding features such as a personalized news feed and a visual map that explores how users are connected.” read Bloomberg.

The report led to approximately six percent high in its share value to reach $99.60 on Friday in the New York Stock Exchange.

MySpace was followed by Twitter which has experienced a high of 14 percent in the same month. The list is topped by Facebook with 160.9 million users in the country.

Interestingly, MySpace is losing the ground after it has been acquired by singer Justin Timberlake along with a media group last month.