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Mapping Services by Google, Microsoft To Continue in China

A Chinese regulator has informed that it will not ban online mapping services offered by Google and Microsoft in the country.

According to an article on China Daily, the State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping has denied that it plans to shut mapping services offered by the US based web giants.

The regulator also rubbished the rumors which suggested that Google might have to shut down its mapping services in China as it continues to lose market share.

“We will not investigate or shut down the websites that have submitted their applications and are under examination,” the regulator said.

The government had laid down laws that required foreign companies to procure a license for offering online mapping services in the country.

The company were also required to form a partnership with a local company, which the local company having a major stake in the venture. However, in June, the government reformed the law that required local firms to have controlling stake.

Google’s service continues to lead the online mapping services market in China, but has taken a beating after the government put in new licensing laws.