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Microsoft Patch Tuesday To Fix 22 Vulnerabilities, One Critical

Software giant Microsoft is preparing to release four security updates for patching 22 vulnerabilities affecting its Windows and Visio 2003 platforms.

Out of the four security updates, only one is rated critical, the highest severity rating that Microsoft has to offer, while the other three have been marked as ‘important’. The critical rated update fixes flaws in Windows 7 and Windows Vista only.

The ‘important’ security patches fix issues in Visio 2003 SP3 and Windows 7, Vista, XP and 2008.

The company has made it a practice of releasing large security updates in even numbered months while the odd ones get a lighter level of treatment. July’s Patch Tuesday update is the third largest update in the year, behind the 64 flaws patched in April and 34 patched in June.

“The second highest priority will most likely be bulletin four - which fixes a remote code execution in Visio 2003 SP3. The other two updates are rated 'important' and affect Windows7, Vista, XP and 2008,” Amol Sarwate, Vulnerability Labs manager for Qualys told IT Pro.

“Many companies will have limited exposure for the software affected and will be able to take a breather this month as this is a relatively small release as compared to last month's 16 updates and is consistent with the cycle of smaller patches every other month,” he added.