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Motorola cancels its Milestone 3 launch

Motorola has apparently scotched plans to release the Droid 3 smartphone - which would have been called the Milestone 3, in keeping with the company's European nomenclature - in the UK.

The Motorola Droid 3 builds on the company's previous Droid/Milestone handsets, keeping the slide-out physical keyboard but upgrading the internals to feature a dual-core Texas Instruments OMAP 4430 processor and 512MB of RAM. A four-inch qHD PenTile-powered multi-touch display sits at the front, while the rear includes an eight-megapixel camera.

It's a relatively well specced smartphone, but reports from the US suggest that its reception has been somewhat frosty. Positioned as a high-end Android handset, the phone is outclassed by rivals such as the Samsung Galaxy S II which include more powerful processors and improved displays.

While Motorola has attempted to convince buyers that the Droid 3 is the way to go - including HDMI out functionality to impress the gamers and photographers, for a start - sales appear poor, and the company's plans to launch the device in Europe have been put on hold.

According to an unnamed source speaking to Know Your Mobile, the Droid 3 - or Milestone 3 - will definitely not be coming to the UK.

While that will come as a blow to those who still have faith in the Motorola brand, it is likely to do nothing but good for the company's competitors including HTC and Samsung.