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New experimental features come to Google Maps

Internet search engine giant Google has introduced a new feature in their latest version of Google Maps, with the ability to download maps on the Android version.

The recently released Google Maps 5.7 has a new off-line feature under the Google Lab option; the place where the experimental abilities of the mobile mapping software is located, in order to enhance the overall usability of the software.

The latest addition to the laboratory section is known as ‘download map area’, which allows for a selectable area of the map to be brought down on to a mobile device. This ability can be used before travelling and over WIFI, saving on the data allowance or even before going abroad where the roaming costs are still very high.

After enabling the feature inside of the Google Labs any area of a map can be selected, where there’s an option to download that section and in detail over a radius of 10 miles – where the data connection will no longer be used, when travelling within that vicinity.

Google Maps itself started as a labs feature way back in 2005 and has now proven to be a useful tool, for every mobile device that doesn’t have a built-in sat nav application.

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