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Smartphone Adoption by Feature Phone Users on the Rise

A new report claims that Smartphone users will outnumber those with feature phones in no longer than a year’s time.

According to the report by Kantar Worldpanel ComTech, the number of Smartphone users, which has undergone a skyrocketing growth since the past few years, will constitute half of the total mobile phone users in the UK by the mid-2012.

The report also claims that approximately 2.5 percent of the feature phone users in the country have been switching to smartphones since April, 2010.

And if this continues to be the rate at which the Smartphone market keeps on expanding, June 2012, will be the month when Smartphone owners will outnumber their counterparts with less sophisticated feature phones.

“With 63 per cent of British consumers still owning a non-smartphone, future growth lies with upgrading customers,” Dominic Sunnebo, Kantar Worldpane ComTech's global consumer insight director said in a statement, IT Pro reports.

“BlackBerry is currently attracting the most upgrading shoppers with 84.9 per cent of its new customers previously owning a non-smartphone,” he added.

However, Google’s Android phones are also emerging as the fastest growing smartphones with a consistently rising stake in the market, despite facing some serious competition from the main rivals Apple and RIM.