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Smartphones, Tablets Get New Updated Version of Google Docs

Search engine giant Google has updated Google Docs for web browsers in Smartphones and tablet devices.

Google explained in a blog post that users logging in to Google Docs from their mobile devices will see new drop down categories in the navigation bar that makes it easier for users to manage documents.

“Google Docs is about collaboration, but as many of us know, others often rely on us even when we’re nowhere near a computer. That’s why we’re excited to bring the features you need to your tablet and mobile device’s browser,” Google said.

The Sort menu allows one to sort the documents by name, the date of modification and the date it was last opened. The ‘Narrow By’ option allows the users to sort documents by type, owned documents, starred documents or documents that are a part of a particular collection.

When users select one or more documents, a sharing menu appears at the bottom of the screen that allows users to share the document as an email or send the link for sharing.

Google also updated the Docs app for Android a while ago but many believe that the mobile web version of the service is far better than the version.