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WordPress Powers 50+ Million Self-Hosted Blogs

WordPress announced on Sunday that the platform has crossed the 50 million self-hosted blog milestone, welcoming more blog websites the day after.

Automattic, the company that owns blogging platform WordPress has announced that the platform from Sunday onwards powers approximately 50,130,422 websites which include platforms powered by WordPress and websites that are self-hosted.

The achievement was announced by Andrew Nacin of WordPress in an update to his Twitter’s profile. He wrote, “Total WordPress sites just passed *50 million* today”.

“I think the reason WordPress has been because people have found themselves empowered to create beautiful blogs and websites without having to learn a ton of technology,” stated Matt Mullenweg in an interview.

According to the details revealed WordPress hosts nearly 14 percent of the total websites across the world. It publishes around 500,000 posts daily. On an average nearly 287 million people visit WordPress to account for approximately 2.5 billion page visits on blogs that are hosted or powered by it. The blogs are written in 120 languages worldwide, with English topping the chart, followed by Spanish and Portuguese language.