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£20 Case Transforms iPad 2 Into Netbook

There's a nice little accessory on sale at online retailer Expansys that can transform your iPad or iPad 2 tablet into a full-featured netbook, albeit with a couple of restrictions.

That unbranded portable iPad 2 leather case comes with an integrated Bluetooth white keyboard and a price tag of only £19.99 (that includes free shipping).

As a case, it protects the tablet from scratches and bumps and the proper physical keyboard means that you will be able to do some real work on the tablet.

Although it doesn't have a hole to enable the use of the camera of the iPad 2, it comes with special keys that activate unique iPad features like the screen brightness, volume, exit, play & pause, fast forward, playback, search and photoframe keys.

It is not that heavy at 465g but is rather thick, totalling 35mm in all. One customer said that the main issues were, that its dock connector cable stuck out beyond the case, and there was no proper way of keeping the case closed.

Note that it doesn't come with a touchpad (as expected), and unlike the optional docking station of the Asus Eee Pad Transformer, this one doesn't charge the tablet and doesn't provide any optional features like audio out. We suspect though that the battery life is likely to be days rather than hours.