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Amazon Starts To Sell Acer Chromebook

Acer's Chromebook has gone on sale at Amazon in the US for $349, a saving of $0.99 off the suggested retail price the online retailer reckons.

The laptop, known as the AC700-1099, is a Wi-Fi only version and is already in the top ten best selling laptops in Amazon's list. It also compares well with the $429 that Samsung charges for the Series 5 Chromebook.

As expected, the AC700 comes with a dual core Intel Atom N570, 2GB RAM and a 16GB solid state drive. Its screen, an 11.6-inch model, is smaller than its Samsung counterpart but on the other hand, it has a higher screen resolution at 1366x768 pixels, a true 16:9 aspect ratio.

Other features include a 1.3 megapixel HD webcam, high definition audio support, two built-in speakers, Wi-Fi, two USB ports, one HDMI port (rather than Samsung's D-Sub one), a full size Chrome Keyboard with dedicated keys, an oversized multi touch touchpad, a memory card slot and up to six hours of usage thanks to a 4400mAh 6-cell battery.

Arguably, its main selling point is the fact that it is powered by Google's Chrome operating system and works in tandem with cloud services; a 3G version of the laptop will come over the next few weeks although many are suggesting that it might be better to buy the Wi-Fi model and pair it with a Wi-Fi hotspot.

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