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Apple iBooks Patent App Promises New Gesture Based Enhancements

Apple Inc. has revealed latest update to its iBooks app bringing along new chapters and gestures for children.

The US Patent & Trademark Office (UPTO) has published a new patent app for iBooks by the Cupertino, California-based Apple Inc. The latest patent is a remarkable phase in the growth of Apple’s iBooks app.

Tech website Patently Apple analysed the new release to highlight some of the major points of the feature which will greatly enhance use of iBooks for kids.

The gesture allows kids to tap on a text and bring up its associated picture. When a child taps his finger on the text ‘Apple’, a picture, animation or video of an Apple would appear. The gesture also helps kids learning a new language, by helping them to gather the information in their native language, bringing upon the source, history along with pronunciation of the selected word or phrase.

“Other gestures include finger wipes across text that could invoke audio playback of the text, single or double finger swiping to call-up an image, and two-finger press and hold to select phrases that then invoke pertinent information or media”, read Patently Apple.

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