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Broadcom Unleashes FCoE Solution On Fastest Ever CNA

Semiconductor maker Broadcom has introduced its (Fibre Channel over Ethernet) FCoE-based Converged Network Adapter, which provides getting on for double the speed of its closest rivals.

The solution, which is based on what Broadcom is calling the world’s fastest CNA, was launched at networking giant Cisco’s Live IT conference.

The company said that the solution was capable of performance speeds of 1.7 million input/output operations per second, offering an 80 per cent performance boost over its nearest competitor.

Brocade said that the FCoE solution had been certified by EMC to work with Cisco Nexus switches, Cisco Unified Computing System, Brocade 8000 switches, and Dell Blade servers.

IT professionals will be able to integrate data and storage networks using a common 10 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) fabric.

"IT professionals rely on Broadcom's network and storage solutions and now have the option to extend that functionality to upcoming FCoE deployments,” said Vinod Lakhani, General Manager, High Speed Controllers, Broadcom.

“By combining innovation honed over five generations of Ethernet controller technology, together with the expertise of industry leaders throughout the space, we have successfully delivered the highest performance FCoE-based CNA solutions in the industry," he added.