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Could iPhone Receive Wireless Charging Technology?

Apple may be preparing to offer iPhone users the ability to charge their gadgets wirelessly via near field magnetic resonance charging technology, ArsTechnica reports.

This technology works within distances of one meter and uses a low power magnetic resonator as a power source. The resonator then generates a magnetic field which can charge the batteries of various devices. The magnetic field apparently does not affect users' health.

The creator of the technology is Marin Soljačić, a physics professor at MIT, who also founded WiTricity, the company that sells this technology. A demo of how the technology works is available on TED's website.

Apple already filed a patent in May concerning wireless charging technology. The patent was called "Wireless Power Utilization in a Local Computing Environment" and cites the results of the research carried out by Soljačić.

A desktop or laptop is used as a near field magnetic resonance source with the help of an embedded resonator or a USB dongle, the patent reads. Gadgets should be placed within a metre of the NFMR source and they will automatically connect to the source and charge. The system could be used to charge a mouse, keyboard or iPhones and iPods.

After the iCloud, it appears this could be another step Apple may take to create computer-free, cable-free iOS gadgets.

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