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Exclusive: Three Mobile Giving Away Free Spotify Premium Accounts On The One Plan?

There's anecdotal evidence to show that Three Mobile is giving away free Spotify Premium plans worth £9.99 per month with some of its monthly tariffs for the life of the contract.

Officially, Three and Spotify have an ongoing agreement that allows Three Mobile users to get Spotify Premium for two months provided that they have a phone that's compatible with Spotify and are on The One Plan contract, or on a contract with the Internet Max add-on.

Users can texts SPOTIFY to 39000 to check whether they are eligible - they will need to be using the 3 UK network rather than Wi-Fi - and which phone they use to activate it is irrelevant.

We tried it yesterday with our own One Plan and found that it worked flawlessly; it was a new contract (not an update or for an existing client) and the SIM was not activated on the phone it came with. Several other users have also reported getting Spotify for free for the lifetime of their contract as well.

Whether or not this is a technical loophole remains to be seen; it's worth noting that the owner of Three Mobile, Hong-Kong based billionaire Li Ka-Shing, also owns a small but significant stake in Spotify.

As a reminder, The One Plan comes with 2000 minutes, 5000 three-to-three calls, 5000 texts, all you can eat data (with tethering), unlimited Skype and MSN messenger, a free phone (like the Samsung Omnia 7) and now free Spotify, all for £25 per month.

Spotify premium gives you unlimited music without ads, allows you to get Spotify on your mobile phone & take your music abroad, provides enhanced sound quality and most importantly, you get the offline mode for playlists.