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Google May Add Google Plus Button To iPhone 5 Rival

Here's one rumour to be taken with a pinch of salt; the follow up to the Nexus S, and the handset which in most likelihood will be Google's flagship Android smartphone to face the iPhone 5, will be manufactured by HTC and will have a special one click sharing button for Google+.

This comes from someone who actually owns the G00GLEPLUS (opens in new tab) vanity URL on Facebook which has already accumulated nearly 50,000 "likes" since last week. She/He also reveals that the news comes from an official Google employee but can't give any proof at the moment.

Earlier today, the co-founder of, Paul Allen (not to be mixed up with Microsoft's co-founder) claimed that Google+ is likely to reach more than 10 million accounts by tomorrow and a staggering 20 million users by the weekend.

It would make sense for Google to encourage manufacturers to add the "plus button" to their handsets; given that there will be tens of millions of Android handsets sold over the next few months, that could mean a wealth of data processed and managed through mobile devices alone.

More importantly, it would give Google a significant edge over the iPhone and other competing platforms since the search giant would have an integrated coherent social networking ecosystem; Facebook has had to rely on partners until now and the likes of the HTC Chacha or the INQ Facebook phone have not really convinced.

Désiré Athow
Désiré Athow

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