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Google Street View Cars To Record Japan Devastation

Google Inc is using its Street View service to help collate data on the ruins and destruction done to tsunami and earthquake struck Japan.

According to the New York Times, Google has now deployed its Street View vehicles mounted with cameras to the streets of Japanese towns that have suffered a deep level of destruction due to the natural disasters this year; in order to record the devastation and support the reconstruction in the country.

"I know we have nothing to worry about with these people. I'd like them to record streets now, then I'd like them to come back, when the city is like new again, and show the world the new Kesennuma," the mayor of Kesennuma, Shigeru Sugawara stated, when asked about the aid provided by the tech company.

Google is also helping Japanese people by launching a database, Person Finder Technology, enabling people to locate their loved ones who went missing during the crisis. Also Picasa, Google’s photo service and You Tube are being used to update pictures and message videos of people staying in shelters in order to accelerate the reunification process.

Experts believe that Google’s humanitarian aid will help the search engine giant mark out for itself a position in Yahoo dominated Japan.