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Intel And Toshiba To Produce Crowd-Sourced Movie Through Social Media Sites

Intel and Toshiba have created an unlikely alliance and are planning to get into the movie business.

A report on thinq_ says that the chip maker and the electronics giant will collaborate on a 'blockbuster calibre' film which will see viewers participating in the plot and interacting with the lead character through social media sites like Facebook, Youtube and Twitter.

The film's plot revolves around a 20-something woman who finds herself locked in a room with an Intel-powered Toshiba (bet you never saw that one coming) laptop, an untraceable internet connection, and not much else.

The audience interaction comes into play as the protagonist, Christina, uses her social connections to find out where she is, how she got there, and how she can get her eBay purchases delivered. (OK we made the last one up).

The film will be released in a number of short episodes and the plot will be made up as the narrative moves along, a bit like Lost but without the polar bears, hopefully.

You can get involved here.