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Microsoft Declares 400M Windows 7, 100M MS Office Licenses Sold

Software giant Microsoft has announced that it has sold 400 million Windows 7 licenses since its launch.

During the first day of the Worldwide Partner Conference in Los Angeles, the company, apart from announcing the Windows 7 milestone, also revealed that 100 million Microsoft Office 2010 licenses had been sold.

“If you said to me 10 years ago when we were cooking with Office in the early 2000s [that] we'd still be doing double digits [growth] 10 years later, I have to admit I might be dubious. Yet through the incredible work of this community and the R&D teams, that's exactly what we are doing,” Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said during the conference.

The company is trying to convince its partners worldwide to move to the cloud more quickly. Microsoft said 41,000 of its partners had joined the company in the cloud. Microsoft pointed out that it was the only company that offered both a public and private cloud computing environment.

Some of the other interesting facts mentioned during the conference have been nicely compiled in an article by ZDNet. Microsoft says that 76 per cent of servers ship with Windows on them. The company also said that 50,000 business had tried Office 365 up till now.