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Microsoft Exec Says Any PC Currently Running Windows 7 Will Run Windows 8

Microsoft exec Tami Reller has stated that any PC capable of running Windows 7 today would be capable of running Windows 8 when it is released according to thinq_

Speaking to delegates the company's Worldwide Partner Conference 2011, Reller said, "Windows 8 also runs the existing Windows apps that you use and love. They are just as easy to switch to, and you can use them alongside your new Windows 8 apps.

"Windows 8 [is] an upgrade for an entire ecosystem of PCs. It's for the hundreds of millions of modern PCs that exist today and for the devices of tomorrow," she promised, adding, "The breadth of hardware choice is unique to Windows and is central to how we see Windows evolving. In both of our Windows 8 previews, we talked about continuing on with the important trend that we started with Windows 7, keeping system requirements either flat or reducing them over time.

"Windows 8 will be able to run on a wide range of machines because it will have the same requirements or lower. And, we've also built intelligence into Windows 8 so that it can adapt to the user experience based on the hardware of the user."