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Samsung wants Apple lawyers booted from copy case

In the increasingly nasty tit-for-tat copying spat between Apple and Samsung, the Korean electronics giant has asked for most of Apple's outside legal team to be booted off of the case because they once worked for Samsung.

The always informative Florian Muller, over at Foss Patents, says that a 20-page motion filed by Samsung wants law firm Bridges & Mavrakakis barred from the case because at least five of its lawyers - as well as its co-founder Kenneth Bridges - have worked for Samsung in the past.

The company also wants signed statements from the other two law firms involved in the case promising that they haven't been privy to any privilged information about Samsung's operations supplied by Bridges & Mavrakakis.

The Apple lawyers maintain that any information they have is old hat and, even if was relevant to the case, won't be used.

Samsung argues that it doesn't matter if the secrets aren't used in court, just the fact that the lawyers know secret stuff about them is enough to make them nervous.

Apple says Samsung stole its iPhone designs, and Samsung says Apple uses its patents in the iPhone without paying for them.

Samsung is one of Apple's biggest suppliers, making the vast majority of its panels and chips.