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Twitter Ecosystem Reaches One Million Apps

Microblogging giant Twitter has announced that it now has more than 1 million registered third party apps.

The company said in a blog post that it had just 150,000 third party apps a year ago, indicating the massive developer support the company has garnered over that period.

“Since December 2010, more than $500 million has been invested in ecosystem companies, and more than a billion dollars has been paid out in acquisitions. This level of investment is indicative of the opportunity for developers and entrepreneurs to build successful businesses as part of the Twitter platform,” Twitter declared in the blog post.

Twitter also revealed that the one million third party apps were developed by 750,000 developers worldwide. The company said that developers registered one app every 1.2 seconds, which has seen a growth in analytics, curation and publisher tools within the ecosystem.

The company has a lot to thank all the developers from around the world for, who have helped shape Twitter into a massive database of information.

Twitter took the opportunity to unveil a new Twitter Developer website, to allow them easy access to platform resources and interact with Twitter team members and fellow developers for guidance.