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55% Parents Snoop On Kids Using Facebook, 76% Check Browsing History

A recent survey has revealed that more than half of parents use Facebook to keep an eye on their children’s activities. Over 10 per cent even set up an account and became 'friends' with their kids with the sole aim of keeping track of their children’s life, friends and activities.

According to The Telegraph, a new study conducted by Bullguard, a London-based Internet security firm, has revealed that 55% of parents use the social networking site to check up on their kids by reading messages on their wall, looking through photos and checking their profile.

Another five per cent said they would keep track of their children if they knew how to, while nearly 40 per cent said they do it on a regular basis.

Around 39 per cent of parents revealed that they spy on their kid’s profile while 76 per cent revealed that they checked on the Internet history of their computers to keep a check if their kids indulge in any unsuitable activities.

"Educating children about the sorts of threats that can be encountered online is essential in this day and age, as well as ensuring that technologies such as Internet security are in place to add that vital extra layer of protection," stated Claus Villumsen, the security expert at Bullguard.

The survey report is based on the responses of 2,000 parents in the United Kingdom.