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Apple Delaying Approval Of Google+ iPhone App

Google has recently launched its Google+ social networking website, and is hoping to do the unthinkable by knocking Facebook off its perch.

Having launched an app for the Android operating system, the search giant has developed a Google+ app especially for the iPhone, and is waiting for Apple to give the thumbs up. Apple seems to be taking its time however, before allowing it to enter the AppStore.

Apple is known for the exhaustive testing procedures that it uses to discard apps that could damage iOS gadgets or aren't up to the required standard, but some Google employees suspect that Apple is delaying the acceptance of the Google+ iPhone app in its virtual store, for some other reasons.

Perhaps Apple does indeed have a bone or two to pick with Google; for example, it was revealed that Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt was developing the Android OS while still working for Apple.

Google sent the iPhone application to Apple for verification around two weeks ago, and some iOS users are understandably wondering why its taking so long.

“[T]he Google+ iPhone app has been submitted to the App store (no not today, sometime prior to today) and is awaiting approval,” Google technician Erica Joy revealed approximately ten days ago.

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