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Chinese Man Builds His Own "DIY iPad" From Scratch

The iPad is not the cheapest tablet and its price tag may prevent many users from purchasing it. However, a resourceful Chinese man has recently posted a video on the Chinese version of YouTube, showing others how to build an iPad-imitation tablet from scratch.

The final product is reportedly a fully-functional tablet which resembles a thick version of Apple's iPad. The contraption, which runs Microsoft's Windows operating system, is dubbed the "DIY iPad 3" by the 21-year-old in his online video.

The geek, Liu Xinying works at a computer store and has built the tablet using computer parts and a touch screen, as well as a leather case with built-in keypad. The video has not only made him famous but a number of people have even asked him to build them a similar tablet.

"I did this for fun", Liu explained to the AFP news agency.

Of course, Liu's tablet is cheaper than the genuine iPad. The parts cost him 2000 Yuan or around $310, while the cheapest 16GB iPad 2 costs 3,688 Yuan in China.

The Chinese have taken the iPad 2 frenzy to new heights. Firstly, five people were injured and an Apple store was closed after the shop front was smashed by an angry mob at the iPad 2 launch in Beijing in May. Then there was the case of the boy who sold his kidney so that he could afford to purchase an iPad 2!

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