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Counter-Terrorism Strategy Must Adapt To Tech Savvy Terror Groups

As more and more organisations from all walks of life are increasingly becoming reliant on social media sites for enhancing their overall operational capabilities, terrorist organisations, it seems, don’t want to lag behind in that trend - at least thats what UK home secretary Theresa May believes.

According to Mrs May, who launched the UK government’s latest counter-terrorism strategy, due to the "technological change and the diversification of the threat” that security agencies have to deal with today, it is increasingly difficult to maintain a “proper intelligent coverage”.

The new strategy adopted by the government is based on the new found technological pwnage of the younger generation of terrorists which they use to make "off-the-shelf secure communication" amongst themselves.

The latest trend may be in the world of social media, as reports indicate terrorist organisations have already started emphasising their presence in social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter for recruitment and other purposes.

Co-incidentally, the publication was brought into the public domain just a day after the threat level in the UK was lowered to “substantial” from “severe”, meaning there is still a "strong possibility" of a terrorist strike.