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Few Smartphone Business Apps Able to Woo Customers Says Deloitte Study

According to a recent analysis, only a small portion of the smartphone apps developed by businesses have the potential to win the hearts of a significant number of users.

The study was conducted by Deloitte, a professional services firm, and it claims that not even one percent of the total applications developed by consumer or healthcare brands have it in them to reach one million downloads. The report by Deloitte also said that only 20 percent of these apps surpass the 1000 download milestone.

If we are to believe the data released by the Deloitte report, only a tiny proportion of applications developed by businesses in order to woo consumers with their offerings meets with considerable amount of success, and the rests end up being nothing else but massive failures.

"Location data is important for the evolution of the app market," Howard Davies, a media partner at Deloitte said, IT Pro reports.

"If data gathered locally could be exchanged with data from the cloud, whether about location, environment and motion or specific to that individual, then targeted advertising could be developed and this would help brands to make money from their apps," he added.

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