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First Ever Malware Scanner for iOS Launched

Intego, a France based Mac OS X anti-virus maker, has dished out the first ever malware scanning app for iOS devices.

According to Computer World, the VirusBarrier app, having been approved by Apple, is now retailing at the app store for $2.99.

Intego explained that iOS prevents anti-virus software from accessing the file system or perform automatic and scheduled scans. Users would have to manually use the app to scan the device for malware.

The anti-malware app comes with a sandbox, which scans email attachments and files stored on applications like DropBox, on a remote server.

One main drawback is that the app is not able to scan other apps for malware infection. Apart from that, the anti-virus is capable of scanning all types of malware that can affect Windows or Mac OS X as most of the email attachment received end up on a desktop system.

"We've had enterprise customers say that although they know you can't do a full system scan of an iPhone, they don't like the fact that files go through these devices and end up on a Mac or Windows PC. They want their users to be able to check that an attachment is safe,” said Intego spokesperson Peter James.