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Four new Windows Phone 7 handsets leaked

Software and operating system maker Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference had four upcoming Windows Phone 7 ‘Mango’ devices aired for the first time, from Acer, Fujitsu, ZTE and also Samsung.

The President of the Windows Phone Division, Andy Lees, started by announcing Microsoft is looking to more than double the size of their mobile phone presence with Windows Phone 7 'Mango'. This is by partnering with more handset manufacturers and by appearing in more countries than they are currently in, along with halving the price of the handsets too.

He also stated there will be a whole range of phones available this fall, from different manufacturers and with different feature sets. These will be from Samsung, LG, HTC, Acer, Fujitsu, ZTE and Nokia – who sold 100milllion smartphones in the past 12 months , where WP7 will be their main OS from now on.

Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President of the Original Equipment Manufacturer Division, Steve Guggenheimer, aired unseen handsets from these new manufacturers of Windows Phone 7 devices.

Acer is set to bring one of the largest names in OEM brands to the mobile phone scene, where Fujitsu brought along to the event the world's first Windows Phone 7 water-proof handset with a highly capable camera, whilst ZTE is one of the largest OEM manufacturers in the handset world and also new to WP7 – after being well-known for making devices for the likes of Orange and Vodafone.

Steve Guggenheimer also aired for the first time the upcoming Samsung Windows Phone 7 handset, which has the look of the new Samsung Galaxy S II. He noted the mobile will be thin and light, which is a theme running throughout the new Windows Phone 7 mobile phones. These new series of upcoming handsets will have better chipsets, larger screens with better resolution and an improved batter life which hasn't been seen in the past.

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