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Google Mobilize, The First Step To Mobile

Last week, with the launch of Google Mobilize, the company started what will be a mass rush for all companies to test mobile web. The launch of this service will, in my mind, launch the next round of enthusiasm for mobile development. As companies use this service they will start to understand just how many stakeholders want to access information via their mobile phones. What does this mean for app developers?

Simply put, Google Mobilize will help to educate companies about the mobile web and feed their appetite. As with free tools for websites, once companies reach the limit of the features they will seek a richer user experience, additional features, integration with backend or cloud systems and better control over security. Mobile apps deliver this.

Flurry reinforced this view with recent research demonstrating that, for the first time ever, smartphone users spend more time on apps per day (81 minutes) than the mobile web (74 minutes).

Clearly the majority of people who own smartphones are now in a post mobile-web world. Mobilize could well help to deliver a better experience, but for the enterprise market, Apps will remain king.