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Government Pledges £57 Million For Super-fast Broadband In Wales

A UK government official has revealed that Wales is going to receive the hefty sum of £57 million in order to improve its broadband network infrastructure.

The Culture Secretary, Jeremy Hunt who made this revelation also said that the £57 million fund includes the £10m pledged by Chancellor George Osborne earlier in February this year.

According to Mr. Hunt, the initiative has been taken by the government with a target of equipping at least 90 per cent of businesses as well as residences from the region with superfast broadband services.

The Countryside Alliance also welcomed the move saying that the announcement was “not before time”, as there is a rather great need in this day and age to have a reliable broadband infrastructure in the region.

Interestingly, the announcement came from the Culture Secretary just a day after it was disclosed by the telecoms regulator OfCom that a huge number of areas in Wales have some of the worst broadband infrastructure in the country.

The report by OfCom also shed light on the fact that at least 12 out of the twenty-two council areas - most of them in the north, mid and the west - were suffering from what is termed as a poor state of broadband provision.