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Honeycomb ‘Zoom’ Feature to Make Smartphone Apps More Tablet Friendly

Search engine giant Google is planning to add a new feature to Android Honeycomb to make Smartphone apps more tablet friendly.

Google has said that the Android Honeycomb 3.0, an operating system designed specifically for tablet devices, will come with a zoom feature that would let Android tablet owners use Smartphone apps on their devices.

The updated Honeycomb will come with a new button that will let users switch between the ‘stretch to fill’ and ‘zoom to fill’ options.

Google explained in a post on the Android Developer blog that the ‘stretch to fill’ option is the normal layout resizing option while the Zoom to fill screen” is the new screen compatibility mode.

The company said that unlike the ‘Stretch to fill’ option, the new screen compatibility mode does not resize the application but it emulates the app to fill the tablet’s screen.

“The effect is that everything is bigger, but also more pixelated, because the system does not resize your layout or use your alternative resources for the current device (the system uses all resources for a normal/mdpi device),” Google explained.

“In cases where an app does not properly resize for larger screens, this screen compatibility mode can improve the app’s usability by emulating the app’s phone-style look, but zoomed in to fill the screen on a tablet,” it added.