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iPhone 5 Launch Mid-Late August, Job Posting Implies

A job posting advertising for "full-time iPhone sales staff for an exciting project” has recently been posted on UK employment website Reed. Candidates are required to work 5 days a week, from August 16th till October 29th, Cnet reports (opens in new tab).

The recruitment agency in charge of finding the new retail staff is Gekko, a company which has reportedly worked with Apple before.

This intriguing job posting, which appears several times for different regions in the UK, has made many speculate this is a sign the iPhone 5 may be released sometime in August. If Apple needs more staff, this could mean the company is preparing to launch an important product in the near future, and the iPhone 5 is the best candidate for a soon-to-come release.

Future employees are required, among other responsibilities, to provide first-class customer experience and lure potential customers into buying Apple products by capturing their “hearts and minds”. The selected applicants can expect to earn £75 per day.

Previous reports have suggested that the iPhone could land sometime in September, but this job posting has made some people update their forecasts for a possible August release.

However, a job ad does not necessarily mean that Apple is planning to launch the iPhone 5 next month. Maybe the company simple needs more staff to solve iOS users’ product related issues.

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