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Market Share Figures Indicate Apple Sliding as Android Gains Popularity

New European Smartphone market share figures have revealed that Andorid has seen massive share gains in the past one year at the expense of rival Apple.

According to the data released by Kantar Worldpanel, Europeans are favouring Android based smartphones over the iPhone.

The data revealed that as of June 2011, Android has a 45.2 percent share of the UK smartphone market. Its market has risen from 10.7 percent one year ago. Meanwhile, Apple, which dominated the market a year ago with a 30.6 percent market share, has slid down to 18.6 percent.

PCR Online reveals that the figures were similar for France and Germany but Apple had success in Italy.

The study indicated that Android had used the fall in Research in Motion’s and Nokia’s market share to get ahead of Apple in the European market.

Kantar says Android and Apple customers where loyal to their brands when it came to upgrade their devices.

"We are yet to see any real signs of consumers switching between Android and Apple. Our data shows that Apple and Android’s customers are intensely loyal when choosing their upgrade", said Kantar global consumer director Dominic Sunnebo.