Microsoft Patches 22 Vulnerabilities With Security Update

Windows maker Microsoft released 22 bug-fixes yesterday, and patched several security holes including a serious flaw in the Bluetooth connectivity feature.

While three of these patches fix problems in Windows, four of them patched flaws in all of the Windows OS, as well as in Microsoft Visio 2003 service pack 3. Only one out of these patches has been termed critical, the rest being simply “important”.

The bulletin, dubbed MS11-053, also fixed a critical flaw in the Windows Bluetooth feature in the Windows 7 and Windows Vista operating systems. Apparently, the Bluetooth vulnerability could be exploited by attackers in order to crash the victim’s system, access data, install programs or perform other mischievous tasks remotely.

However, the Bluetooth loophole was unlikely to be of too much use for hackers. Nick Farrel of TechEye says in his report: “It is unlikely to be used much. The attacker would have to be within Bluetooth range to use it. However those who use gear in public spaces, such as airports, could be at risk.”

Microsoft also revealed that 15 of these vulnerabilities were present in the Windows Kernel mode drives. However, according to many critics, they did not pose too much of a threat as attackers had to gain access to the victim’s system first in order to exploit those vulnerabilities.