Microsoft Reveals Windows Azure Progress With HP And eBay

Microsoft Corp has given an insight into its Azure cloud-in-a-box product and the partnerships developed with computer maker Hewlett Packard along with web based trading website eBay.

According to The Register, at Microsoft Corp's Worldwide Partner Conference on Tuesday the company displayed tools and tech solutions which will enable its partners tap into maximum opportunities presented by its cloud strategy. Microsoft also pointed out some of the accomplishments that some of its partners have already achieved in the sector.

The company revealed, at the conference which was held in Los Angeles, that HP is already using the Windows Azure technology at its data center which it plans to release to users by the end of this year.

eBay is "in the early stages of implementing on the Windows Azure platform appliance as it is continuing to evaluate ways in which the Windows Azure platform appliance can help improve engineering agility and reduce operating costs," Microsoft stated in a blog.

The company had planned to provide the Azure-based appliance to Dell, HP, and Fujitsu in 2010 which would further be provided to end customers by late 2010. However, Microsoft not only missed a number of deadlines on the project, but none of the partner companies were ready to reveal any details about the project and its timetable.