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More Videos And Photos Of Sony S1 And S2 Tablets Appear

Some new photos and videos featuring Sony's upcoming S1 and S2 tablets have recently been uploaded to the Italian tech website Notebook Italia (opens in new tab).

The images and videos (opens in new tab) show the build of the two tablets in some detail, including ports, screen brightness, form and reflection factor; though not much is shown of anything interesting running on the devices, other than a short glimpse of the Playstation Suite.

Just a day or so earlier another video appeared on YouTube, purportedly showing an official advert for the tablets, continuing Sony's "esoteric commercials" series, Thinq (opens in new tab) reports. These commercials are rather abstract and can leave customers having a hard time figuring out what they are advertising.

The promo vids include "rubber fingers", exploding water balloons, white animal figures in motion, all accompanied by various mottos such as "Comfort with the smooth touch" or "Connecting at light speed". Whoever is behind the video must be a Picasso fan.

The Sony S1 is Sony's new 9.4-inch tablet, whilst the Sony S2 is an interesting 5.5-inch dual-screen tablet which has a kind of clamshell design.

The two tablets' specs are more or less standard for most Android 3.0 powered tablets - with 1GB of RAM, 1GHz NVIDIA Tegra 2 dual-core processor and a dual-camera system, these two tablets do not stand out from the crowd.

Both tablets are expected to land sometime in September.

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