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One In Ten Pets Has Own Social Network Profile

A new social media survey has found that one in ten pets in Britain have their own profile on Twitter, Facebook or YouTube.

According to a study commissioned by insurance company PetPlan, around 52 per cent of UK pet owners have shared photos of their pets online. The survey also found that 20 per cent of them email photos of their pets to their friends and family.

PetPlan revealed that the rise in pets online has led people to join websites dedicated to pet animals like Critter, Doggie Dating and Catster. People have also created websites around their pets in order to raise money for causes like animal shelter and protection.

The study estimates that around 3 million pets have a profile on Facebook. Animals active on social networking platforms have more followers than celebrities.

“As social networking plays an increasingly important role in our lives, it’s only natural that our pets become part of the phenomenon too,” social media specialist Stephen Davies told The Telegraph.

“We use sites like Facebook and Twitter as an extension of our real-world selves and when we think of our pets as part of the family we want them involved too,” he claimed, adding that “there is an insatiable pet demand online.”