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Pre-orders For Sony’s iPad 2 Rival S1 From September 1st In UK

Sony fans in the UK will reportedly be able to pre-order the new Sony S1 tablet as of September 1st, according to some documents obtained by website 'This is my next (opens in new tab)'.

Previous estimations had suggested the tablet would be available for pre-order in late-August.

The tablet will run Android 3.0 Honeycomb, Google’s latest operating system, which will make the gadget even more appealing to potential customers.

Sony Centre stores’ staff will know the tablet like the back of their hands, so as to offer customers a detailed picture of the product. Is Sony preparing to train their own versions of Apple’s Geniuses?

Unfortunately, there is no information available about the Sony S1 price tag or its availability in the US. The Federal Communications Commission is currently analysing the tablet, and perhaps US customers will be able to purchase it sometime in late-September or the beginning of October.

Sony S1 is a good looking tablet which does not take after Apple’s iPad 2 that much in terms of design. Moreover, the specs are quite good and combined with Honeycomb it should create a fairly interesting gadget. The Sony S1 will have its fan base, though it is not likely the S1 will pose a great threat to the iPad 2 and eat into Apple's market share significantly.

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