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A Proper Amazon Kindle Rival: Meet The Google eBook e-Reader

Unlike many of its competitors, Google relies on key partners to deliver flagship products; Logitech with the Google TV, HTC with the Nexus One, Motorola with the XOOM. Now the search giant has partnered with iriver to deliver its first ebook reader, the iriver Story HD.

While the device carries google's open eBooks platform which allows users to buy and read eBooks from Google over Wi-Fi (only), it doesn't unlike others, carry the Google Logo.

The iriver Story HD is quite an attractive reader measuring only 9.3mm thick and weighing 207g, around a third of the iPad 2.

It comes with 2GB onboard storage which can be expanded to 32GB via a normal size SD card. Occupying most of its front facing surface area is a massive 6-inch E-Ink screen that has an XGA resolution and 16-grayscale colour depth.

Next to that is a 38-key QWERTY keyboard with a few extra keys. The tablet can be charged in roughly 4.5 hours and with a 1800mAh battery - more than most mobile phones - the iriver Story HD is expected to have a better life of days if not weeks.

Expect it to retail in the US for around $139.99; no release dates outside the US have been decided yet but it would not surprise us if the iriver HD reaches our shores for less than £100, at least £10 cheaper than the Amazon Kindle.