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Qualcomm pushes Matt Grob into CTO role

Qualcomm has announced that Roberto Padovani is to step down as chief technical officer at the company, with research and development head Matt Grob taking over.

The switch-around will see Padovani remain at the company to 'provide guidance' for Qualcomm's research and development efforts, along with its experiments in the world of emerging technologies.

Grob is to take over Padovani's CTO role immediately, becoming an executive vice president for his troubles. Grob has worked his way up the Qualcomm ladder, joining the company in 1991 as an engineer working on modem designs for government sytems. Having led projects including early CDMA data services, the globalstar satellite system, and EV-DO wireless Internet access, Grob was promoted to senior vice president of corporate research and development in 2006.

At first glance, Grob seems a perfect fit for the role: having pushed Qualcomm's research in augmented reality, wireless charging technology, processor enhancements, and peer-to-peer technologies, he's personally amassed more than 60 patents during his tenure at the firm.

"Matt's focused leadership and his vision into new technology horizons make him ideally suited to lead Qualcomm's innovation agenda as chief technology officer," claimed Qualcomm's chairman and chief executive officer Dr Paul E Jacobs.

Jacobs was also keen to point out that Padovani isn't going anywhere just yet. "For nearly 10 years, Roberto has played a pivotal role in establishing Qualcomm's reputation for technology excellence. We are fortunate that Qualcomm will continue to benefit from his seasoned expertise."