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Sony outs 3D sampler service for Bravia owners

Sony has launched a new service which will give anyone buying a suitably-equipped Bravia telly something to watch.

In an attempt to entertain punters who get their expensive new 3D sets home only to find there's naff all to watch whilst wearing their daft glasses, Sony is now offering its 3D Experience service which allows buyers in the UK, Germany, France, the USA and Canada to watch a selection of 30 clips and trial content including highlights of this year's Wimbledon final and other sports clips as well as trailers for Green Hornet and Monster House.

We suspect that the limited content has been developed more for customer demos at your local branch of Curries rather than as a source of entertainment at home, but it's better than nowt, we suppose.

You'll need a Sony Bravia LCD TV with Internet Video - and a suitably robust Internet connection with a minimum downstream of 6Mbps - to get at the goodies.

Sony says it will be adding more content to the line-up soon.