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UK Web Users ‘Googled’ the Most in June

A new study claims that an overwhelming majority of UK’s internet searches in the last month were conducted using Google only.

According to the research by online monitoring and research outfit Experian Hitwise, over 92 percent of the country’s overall internet search was done via Google in the month of June, 2011. The research also shed light into the fact that it is the best performance by the company in the UK market in the running year so far.

In May, the Mountain View, California based search behemoth’s stake in the UK search market stood at near about 90.5 percent. Also, the figure is slightly higher (almost by 0.2%) than what it was during 2010.

Meanwhile, Microsoft’s not so far impressive performance in the UK search arena continues as the company’s performance declined by near about 1.38 percent as compared to May, 2011, as well as a yearly decline by 0.24 percent.

And, it was not just Microsoft that is victim of Google’s growing dominance over the market. The report by Experian Hitwise also claims that Yahoo!’s stake in the search market dropped by some 0.11 percent, thus making it 2.96 percent in June as compared to 3.08 percent in the previous month.